Pregnancy Advice


This is a very common issue in pregnancy. Women are often recommended to take additional iron supplements for nutritional support to help correct any iron deficiency anemia. A common complaint with taking many of the iron supplements is worsening constipation and stomach upset.

I recommend my patients take Floradix* for several reasons.

  • It's available in liquid form

  • it's compatible with a vegetarian diet

  • It's GMO, alcohol, artificial coloring, preservative and dairy free


Oh boy! The bane of pregnancy! This is an unfortunate side effect of a combination of things. Our pregnancy hormones slow our digestion down so we have more time to absorb nutrients (also another cause of heartburn!), women find it harder to keep up with their liquid intake when they are struggling with nausea. Other things like medications to treat nausea can have a side effect of constipation. Iron supplements can cause constipation (hence the reason I recommend Floradix!)

Several things are effective to help manage this symptom.

First thing is, you have to increase your fluid intake. Foods like fiber play an important role in our digestion, as well as prunes can stimulate your bowel.

I recommend several products women can try to manage their constipation.

Aloe vera* as a supplement works well to ease constipation. I recommend a product by Earthen as it is

  • Made with organic ingredients

  • Raw and natural

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • No GMOs, fillers, preservatives and heavy metals

I also recommend Natural Calm* as a Magnesium supplement. It's great at stimulating the bowel. I like a product from Natural Vitality as it is

  • A supplement drink

  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Non GMO

Fibercon* is great product from Foundation ConsumerHealthcare. I like this product as it

  • Is available in a caplet so it's easy to take

  • Doesn't increase bloating

Heart burn

So common and so annoying for so many women. It can result in disrupted sleep and difficulty in eating and enjoying meals. Most of my patients prefer natural methods to help manage their heartburn. Your healthcare provider will recommend lifestyle modifications and dietary changes that can help decrease the severity of heartburn. However, in pregnancy, some women are going to require a supplement or medication for heartburn management.

I recommend my patients try papaya enzymes* from American Health for several reasons.

  • There's no limit on how much you can take

  • They are gluten free

  • They are vegetarian

  • They are well tolerated

An interesting supplement to try is Apple Cider vinegar*. It's thought to "trick" the stomach into thinking it has enough acid and so the stomach decreases the acid it's producing. I recommend a product from Goli as they are

  • gluten free

  • vegan

  • organic

  • non-GMO

* None of the above should be considered to take the place of advice from your healthcare provider. When I make recommendations to my patients, I have complete access to their entire medical history so I can make appropriate suggestions. Please speak with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement.