Pregnancy Coaching


What is a pregnancy coach?

A support person who helps you identify your goals and strategies for your pregnancy, birth and post partum period, and how to implement them.

What does it look like when I am your pregnancy coach?

As your expert, personal pregnancy coach, I am here to support you through each step of the way. I will help you identify the goals you have for yourself in your pregnancy and birth, recognize any obstacles you may encounter and lay out a plan that helps you attain those goals.

As a Board Certified Nurse-Midwife, I am able to answer any medical pregnancy questions that you may have and provide feedback on any test results you receive in pregnancy. I am able to facilitate decision making as you decide on your plan of care for your pregnancy. I combine my Board Nurse-Midwifery Certification with pregnancy coaching, and achieve optimal results with The Pregnancy Coach Program.

Why would you want a pregnancy coach?

Have you ever left your health care provider's office and just wished they had more time to talk to you about what is happening in your pregnancy? Do you ever leave feeling as though all your questions were not adequately addressed? Do you wish somebody had more time to let you discuss what is worrying you in your pregnancy? Do you wish someone could clarify in detail what your lab tests mean, what your different options are with those test results? How about identifying your goals for your birth and making decisions on what you would want, such as wanting to birth without an epidural, or planning to use as much medication as possible?

This is where I come in. This is where The Pregnancy Coach Program comes in!

How does The Pregnancy Coach Program help you?

Research has shown that adequate labor support decreases epidural use, improves outcomes and maternal satisfaction of the process is improved. But why should support be restricted and confined to labor? Why should support not start in pregnancy?

This is where The Pregnancy Coach Program starts! We don't wait for labor to start supporting you, we start our support as soon as you sign up for our program DURING your pregnancy!

Services offered through The Pregnancy Coach Program, include*

  • ongoing prenatal emotional support

  • ongoing prenatal education and explanation

    1. understanding your care/tests/procedures/treatment being offered

    2. understanding your test results

    3. understanding any risk factors/new diagnosis that present themselves and how they impact your pregnancy, birth/and or baby.

  • Identifying goals for your pregnancy and birth

    1. clarifying those goals

    2. creating a plan to achieve those goals

    3. accountability for your goals

    4. frequent check-ins

      • twice a week texts

      • weekly email

      • twice a month virtual appointments

    5. Focusing on eliminating negativity and self doubts which could hinder you accomplishing your goals

  • Discussing previous life experiences/birth experiences and their potential to influence your pregnancy/labor/birth

  • Discussing the hospital environment

  • Assisting with decision making in your pregnancy and birth

  • Post partum support

  • Providing childbirth education classes

Why should you hire me to provide The Pregnancy Coach Method to you?

I am a lot more than just a support person or a pregnancy coach for your pregnancy. As an actively practicing, licensed Board Certified Nurse-Midwife, I am a pregnancy expert. I am able to uniquely combine this expertise with my Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching to provide The Pregnancy Coach Method to you. I will hold you accountable to your goals as I guide you through your pregnancy

What do I NOT do?

I do NOT provide any emergency services or support. If you believe you are having a medical emergency, you need to immediately call 911, contact your pregnancy care provider, or present yourself to your nearest Emergency Room. I will not be your delivery provider.

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*the amount of services covered is directly related to the number of sessions you purchase